Sunday, February 19, 2012

Toilet Bowl Shenanigans and Cacti Love

I am dang clumsy. I started off my day by flushing the toilet roll holder down the toilet. Fixing that mistake took most of the morning. My husband and I had to go out and buy a new wax ring for the toilet. We then drain the toilet and the tank, and turned off the water to the toilet. Then we lifted the tank and bowl off the floor. When we turned the toilet upside down we could see it stuck in the curve. Aaron was able to poke the thing out with a straightened wire hanger. ((Gosh, that sounds awful!)) We pressed the wax seal to the bottom of the bowl, then lowered the bowl over the two screws in the floor. We both took turns sitting on, and adding pressure evenly to the wax ring. We used a ratchet to tighten the nuts down on either side. Put the tank back on the toilet bowl, reattached the water connection. Made sure all the nuts and bolts everything was tight as can be, than we turned the water on. Toilet seems to be back to normal now! Next time I'll try to remember to close the toilet when I'm putting on a new roll of paper!

I also did a lot of boring cleaning, and that took up a bit of time. I did manage to get my cacti replanted into a larger pot though! I started with the large pot, a box to maintain the mess, cacti soil, 3-4 cacti, fine grit, and I used a metal saucer to scoop my dirt.

I mostly filled up the planter with the cacti mixture, and then placed the plants in the soil. I put the larger cacti in the back, and the two smaller ones up front. Start to add a thin layer of fine grit on the top.

Don't cover the bottom of the plants, you can use a rubber glover to hold the cacti and remove any dirt between the needles. Once you are done covering the top you can give them a bit of water. Since it is winter I didn't give them much water.

Meanwhile, Cricket was listening to KCRW.

Hope you all enjoyed, happy DIYing! chris