Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Blog Planner Finished

I finished working on my weekly blog planner!

It took me pretty much all day to do it, but I really like the end product.  I mean I really like it a lot.  I'm so happy Cornflower Blue Studio inspired this out of me!  I used 101 Foundation-Pieced Quilt Blocks for my patterns.  I love this book.  I've used the patterns in this book for tons of projects, none of which includes quilting!

Hopefully this will help me keep organized, and on top of my blog DIYs during the week.

Now that I have each day's post planned maybe I'll actually get some of the DIYs done before that day.  Which isn't to say that I'll get a DIY day off.  It will just elevate some of the stress of trying to get a project completed, photographed, and written up to post all in one day.

Photographing a project can add a ton of time.  Yet I'm finding it extremely gratifying when I get a great product shot of my creative wears.  Plus I'm sure in the future I'll be happy I documented all these wonderful projects, which will be long gone by then.

Tomorrow I have the day off.  With my day I'm going to get my oil changed, and buy the DIY goods I'll need for the week.   Oh, I forgot to mention, I worked on my tabs some today, and I think they are looking more user friendly.  I hope this encourages my visitors to look at more of my past projects.  Last week I started using Google Analytics.  It is super addicting watch it live!  I love watching all the little bubbles pop up around the country (and world!) of people looking at my blog! It's encouraging to see that people are interested in what I'm creating.  It just makes me want to get off my bum and make more awesome stuff, sooooo happy DIYing!  ~chris