Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy 3 Month Anniversary!!

My big plan for today was to buy new work pants, and learn how to use my wacom tablet.  I also did a photo an hour today, but I'm going to post those photos on tuesday.  

My mom is a technology hoarder, and when I recently told her I wanted to buy a pen tablet, she told me she currently owns two!  She lent me the smaller one a few weeks ago, but I was too nervous to try to install it.  I had an inkling that it wouldn't be as easy as just popping in the software discs and going through the installation process.  

Lo and behold, I was right.  I installed the tablet just fine, and was able to use it with Gimp, kind of.  I had read reviews before that the tablet doesn't work so well with Gimp.  I read that the pen is offset, and the stylus is slow to react.  I had pretty much those problems.  Plus, I had a hard time keeping it on pencil mode, and it was either hard to get it to start writing or stop writing.  Super frustrating.  

I couldn't get Photoshop Elements to open once it was installed.  I only let this take up about two hours, but then it was dinner, and I just wanted to get something posted for today.  

I did the pant shopping earlier in the day.  I've had a twenty-five dollar gift card to JcPenney since my birthday in December, so I thought that would be a good place to try.  However, I had no luck finding acceptable work pants there.  Same problem I always have, I'm only 5"5' and most pants are WAY too long for me.  I don't feel really short, except when I try on pants.  I find skinney pants are a great solution to my short problem, because even though the pants are long they just bunch up at my ankles.  With other styles of pants I end up stepping all over the hem.  I know I could sew them, but I'm not confident enough to do that myself.  Yet I can't bring myself to pay someone else to sew things for me.  

I tried a few other stores, but was still unsuccessful.  I ended up going back to JcPenney's, and I did find a pair of pants I liked but the zipper was busted, and it was the only pair in my size.  Bummer!  When I got home I decided to order two pairs.  Hopefully they work out!  Sorry I don't have any good DIY instructions or photos today.  Happy DIYing, chris!

P.S.  Happy Three Month Anniversary!!!! This is my 90th day posting to my blog!  I can't wait to see what the future holds, and I'm so happy with all the new readers that have recently started following my blog.  All your support means a lot, and helps me too keep posting everyday.  I'm always sad when I don't have a good project to share with ya'll (like today!).