Thursday, June 7, 2012

Historic Park McCullough House

Hope your week has been awesome thus far.  Here is the last leg of my Vermont photos.  My other Vermont photos included photos of Bennington College's graduation with Peter Dinklage, and a set of outfit photos, some of which were taken at the location of today's photos.  

This is the Historic Park McCullough House in North Bennington, Vermont.  It's a lovely estate that used to be open for tours, but since tourism has been down with the economy they weren't able to keep the place staffed for tours.  The property and gardens are still maintained and open for the public.   

They recently started renting out the carriage house for weddings and other types of special events.  

This is a tiny play house that was constructed for one of the children. Isn't it cute?

We strolled around the gardens, and talked to an awesome gardener.  

I wish Bennington's winters weren't so brutal, and long we'd move there permanently.  It's one of those places, where I walk around town, and even though all the locals know I'm not from there, I feel accepted and welcome.  I'm pretty socially awkward, and avoid talking to strangers, but it's so easy to talk to people in Bennington.  We talked to more strangers walking around town in one afternoon, than we do in a month in Delaware.  Just a different type of people, and way of life I suppose.  Aaron and I are visiting some friends in upstate New York in a few weeks, and we are thinking we might stop off in Bennington again.  

Have a lovely end of your work week, and happy DIYing, chris.