Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Handmade Masculine Card

I finally made a card for my brother's package.  Now all I need to do is add some stuffing, and get it over to DHL to be shipped.  For today's DIY I will share how I made the card. 

I started off by stamping this large decorative stamp onto a piece of grey pastel paper.  The first try I didn't press hard enough, or charge up the stamp with enough ink.  So on the second try I made sure to correct those two possible mistakes, and it came out perfectly even.  

Next, I used a pair of fun scissors to cut out a circle around the stamp.  I practiced on the bad stamp before attempting with the good one.  

Then I found a square of scrapbook paper, and cut a piece of handmade paper down to size.

I folded the large paper in half, and then glued the scrapbook paper square to the center of the front.

To finish it off I glued the stamped circle to the front of the scrapbook paper square.  I'm happy with the turn out of this card.  The colors work nicely together, and it's not too girlie either.  Girlie cards come naturally, but I have to spend a little more time thinking about how to make a masculine card.  

Have a lovely day, and happy DIY, chris!