Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rock the Vote and Paper Cutting

I hope everyone who lives in the US and is able to vote got out to the polls today!  It's a bit late, but Rock the Vote!!!  My voting place didn't have any stickers or anything.  Honestly I was hoping for candy, but no luck.  

Anyway on Saturday I'm going to take some birthday photos of my niece.  I saw this great paper chain backdrop photo on the internet, and I thought it would look great with her little birthday outfit and adorable face.  That means a lot of paper cutting, which I did tonight to prep for making the loops and chaining the paper together.    

I also had to divide the paper into piles of the same color before beginning, because I have a pack of assorted constructions paper.  I wonder how much extra paper I might have to buy?  

Have a lovely night, and happy voting, chris!