Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Transplanting an Orchid

Yesterday I did a couple indoor gardening projects, and I'm going to share one today.  I transplanted my orchid.  I transplanted it from a five inch terra cotta container into a ten inch.  I used sphagnum moss for the growing medium.  

I soaked the sphagnum moss in a bowl of water before placing some in the bottom of the new terra cotta planter. 

Once I filled the bottom with enough moss to bring the orchid base level with the top of the planter I gently placed it on the moss bed.  Before placing the orchid on the moss, I let any loose growing material fall away from the roots.  That way the roots will have an easy time finding the nutrients in the new moss.  

Then I filled in the extra room surrounding the orchid with more moist sphagnum moss.

Once the planter was properly filled with moss, without packing it, I took the plant to the sink, and gave it a through watering.  

This is the orchid in it's new home.

I have it sitting on a container with a few pebbles so the water will have some where to go when I water, without letting the roots sit in water.  

Hope my plant does well in it's new home, and I hope you enjoyed, happy DIYing, chris!