Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cilantro Ice Cubes & Heart Stick Coaster

Today I did a little catch up on a previous project.  I tend to get enough done to make a post, and then I get wrapped up in making my blog post, that I don't fully complete my project.  

A few days ago I made 20 tags for my heart crayon valentines.  The first project I completed today was melting the rest of my heart crayons together.  

I didn't attach the tags to the crayons yet though, so I'll have to post photos of that later. 

Another thing I did today was make good use of the leftover cilantro from yesterday's chili.  I hate having to throw away herbs because I didn't use them in time before they rot.  To keep the cilantro overnight (or for a couple days), I kept the stems in a cup with water.  

This morning I cleaned out two ice cube trays, and then I plucked (with my husband's help) the leaves off the cilantro.  We jammed a ton of leaves into each cube, and we almost filled a tray of twelve.  

Then we added some water to help it freeze together.  Once they are solid cubes I will put them into a freezer bag to store until the next time I want to cook with cilantro!  

The third project I completed today was making a heart stick coaster.  I began by cutting out two hearts from pink card stock.  Then I glued the two paper hearts together.  Next I broke up a bunch of sticks, and played with their placement on the paper heart.  

I started at the bottom and hot glued the sticks up as I went.  i replaced and added or subtracted sticks as I went.  

Once the first layer was done I added a second layer.  Now I have a valentine decoration that isn't too overwhelmingly girly!  

That's what I got done today!  Happy DIYing!