Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Blogger Love

I've been working at this for over two hours now, and I just can't figure it out.  I want to make a collage of the photos my husband helped take of me today, but I just can't get it to work the way I'd like.  I tried it on photovisi, but most of their templates require the photo to be cropped square, which would cut off my head or feet in most of these pics.  I don't own photoshop, plus that seems like more work than I was planning for.  I suppose gimp can do these things, but I have no clue how.  I attempted using picnik, but I couldn't find a collage template that I liked all that easily.  Plus they are closing down in April, because they are joining forces with google.  I've heard picasa is great for this, but I'm not a fan of it being connected to the internet and google chrome.  Don't get me wrong I love google & chrome, but I don't want every photo I put on picasa to be on the internet or even accessible by google the company.   They already monitor so much of what I do on my computer they don't need to have control over my photos too!  

However, I did manage to make an awesome banner, and revamp the whole look on my blog today!  

Here are the photos we took, sorry they aren't as awesome as I was planning on making them.  I need to improve on my computer skills, and I need to help my husband improve his photography skills.  I was inspired by A Beautiful Mess to do some outfit pics for Saturday's Blogger Love.   I also saw some super inspiring outfit photos here and here.  

This was actually yesterday.  Aaron took this when I got home from work, and I took down our Valentine's Day decorations.  

We took this set of photos at a local state park.  They have some lovely historical buildings on the grounds at Bellevue State Park in Delaware. 
I love to wear jeans!  I hardly ever see any cute outfit photos in blog land that are jean-centric.  Here I am wearing sunglasses from H&M, the coat is form Urban Outfitters, the top is by Lauren Conrad I picked it up at Kohl's last spring, the jeans are Levi's, and the sneaker's are by Rocket Dog.  The bag I got in London, and I'm not really sure where.  I also have a little sweater on from TJ Max, and a pink tank top on from H&M.  Oh, and I have no clue where I got that headband.  

Now you can see the cute little TJ Max cropped sweater.  My necklace is a combination of two gifts, the chain was a gift from my mother in law, and the glass piece my cousin Kara made for me.  

Who doesn't like a good jumping photo?  Oh, and I've changed my shoes  to cute little flats that match my top.  I also got these in London, and I don't know where.  

Can you believe it's February?  

I had to check out that hole in the wall, there was a strong smell of mothballs waft out at me.  Lots of old furniture in there, if I were a squirrel I would totally go play in there!

AND this is our lovely photographer, my husband Aaron.  He didn't do bad for his first try!  I was nervous about doing this, and how it would turn out, but I can't wait to do this again!  

One more fun photo before we go ...
I finished my day off with the kitten ordering our seeds from Baker's Creek.  Their seed catalogue is has the prettiest veggie photos I've ever seen.  It's porn for a gardner. We ordered Chantenay Red Core Carrots, Lunar White Carrots, Tom Thumb Lettuce, Hairy Vetch, and Five Color Silver Beet Chard.  We've never tried any of these, and we are extra excited to get them started!  

Hope you all enjoyed, happy DIYing!  chris

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