Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cricket's Seven Month Anniversary

Yesterday was Cricket's seven month mark since her cancer diagnosis.  She's been putting up a good fight, but this past month her cancer has been the hardest on her yet.  It's hard to deny that our time is limited.  Everyday is a little harder than the last.  Aaron and I realize that we will be making a very difficult decision soon.  We are struggling with knowing when the time is right.  We don't want our lovely cat to suffer more than necessary, but we also don't want to end things for her too early.

Let's think of the good days though. She's has been the best cat I could have ever hoped for.  She does all sorts of tricks, and she's just so darn cute.  She's super patient.  Meaning she'll put up with just about anything just for some lovin'.  Cricket cuddles when you need it the most, and just fills my days with joy and love.  Plus she does some random weird stuff, like sitting on the toilet, that just makes you say "what??? why???".

This is her pre-feeding trick.  She eats breakfast and dinner everyday, and she does this trick every time. 

Sometimes we call Cricket Chicken.  Either way she'll come when called.  She'll sit when told, and she even knows what kisses are!  

This is Chicken last month.  She is extra cute in the first couple seconds of this super short video.  

I'm going to go spend more time with my little darling.  I hope ya'll enjoyed how cute Cricket is.  I have some great posts planned for this week!  Happy DIYing, chris!