Thursday, March 22, 2012

Owlbow Patches and an Outfit Post

This past fall I noticed elbow patches were coming back in style.  Urban Outfitters has a cute yellow sweater with yellow patches, and ModCloth has a casual grey cardigan with faux leather elbow patches.  Then around Valentine's Day I noticed these heart elbow patches going around the internet, and they got me thinking ...  I want some elbow patches! 

BUT I wanted something different from what I was seeing out there.  I had this little idea in my head so I googled it "owl elbow patches", and the first hit I got was The DIY Mommy's elbow patches for a little boy's cardigan.  Cute, but not exactly what I was looking for.  Then I dug a little deeper into the interwubs, and found Bugs and Fishes' stuffed Felt Owl.  Though I didn't want to make a stuffed owl, I loved the way she designed her owl.  She has a great printout template, but I made my own instead.  I changed the nose up a little, but otherwise I kept him the same.  

I love how they turned out!  You can definitely tell my embroidery skills improved with the second owlbow patch.  Ha!  To see my beginnings you can click here.  I had a little trouble getting the first one in the right spot.  Which I didn't realize until I was just about finished stitching him in place.  On the second one I had a little trouble with bunching, but this didn't require me to remove as many stitches.  Aren't they cute?

What I'm Wearing:
*necklace from American Eagle (one of my favorite lady pal's gave this to me!)
*top sweater (with elbow patches) from Boscov's (it's a local department store, I bought the sweater for work.  The flower is covering up my work's logo)
*bottom sweater and dress from H and M (and you can't see, but I have a tank top on from them as well)
*slip is vintage
*I have two pairs of stockings on, and I'm not sure where either of them are from.
*boots from Bed Bath and Beyond (crazy, huh?)
*white flower pin is from Claire's, it also doubles as a hair clip.  I love it when I own something that has dual purposes!   

Happy DIYing, chris!