Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Bunday!

Happy Easter Bunday!  If you don't celebrate Easter, then Happy Bunday Sunday, and whatever holiday you may or may not celebrate! :)

Let's pretend this is what we wore today.  I wore this outfit earlier in the week, and Aaron wore the bottom half of his outfit today.  They would have been brilliant Easter outfits!  
Aaron's                                                        Mine
top:: cowboy store in Idyllwild, CA                      sweater:: H&M
jeans:: Levi's 514s from Urban Outfitters             dress:: H&M
shoes:: DC                                                            slip:: vintage from London
bunnies:: Pier1                                                     tights:: Target
                                                                             boots:: cowboy store in Cowtown, NJ
                                                                             hair pins:: Handle & Spout

I kind of have crazy eyes in this photo, and my neck is at a weird angle.  We had a couple better ones, but the sun had moved to make some terrible bright spots.  I love these sunny days, and they make me think it's a great day for photos, but it's so hard to deal with all that bright sunny contrast!!!  I need to get better at photographing in the sun.  

This was Aaron's idea.  Isn't he cute?  After taking the photos he told me he had fun, and that it actually made him feel good about himself.  I think we might do more couple photos.  If it does good things for both of our self-esteem, it can't be a bad thing!  I think most normal people need a little self-esteem boost from time to time.  It's important to be happy with who you are, and what you look like!  

I love my cowboy boots but I rarely wear them.  I only own flats, and even though these don't have much of a heel I feel so silly clomping around in them.  It's  not easy to be sneaky with clunky heels on!  I even wore flats on our wedding day, even though Aaron is a whole foot taller than me!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend, happy DIYing, chris!