Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How We Met

To kick off my posts gearing up for my One Year Wedding Anniversary I wanted to share how Aaron and I meet.  

I first laid eyes on this cutie when I was pulling up to Idyllwild Arts Summer Camp, in California with my buddy Rachel & her brother in June of 2006.  Rachel and I both graduated Bennington College together, and met up at her twin brothers' place in Hollywood to drive up to our summer jobs at this camp in Idyllwild, CA.  Rachel was the painting teacher's assistant, and I was the camp photographer.  We had a blast that summer, Idyllwild is a magical place.  

Aaron and this guy (above: his buddy Derick) were the first people I saw at the camp, and I knew we would make fast friends.  Aaron and Derick both worked as theater technicians.  Derick is an amazing dude.  He was the best man at our wedding.  

This is us washing dishes at Aaron's camp housing.  I had a room with two other girls on campus, so it was nice to retreat to his house off campus.  He shared the house with two other dudes, one of them was Derick.  

This is another picture of us at the house.  It was western wear night.  Aaron bought that shirt up in Idyllwild that summer, and it's still one of his favorites.  

This group of photos is from my parent's visit to California, and first meeting Aaron.  We went to the San Diego Zoo, and I learned that meerkats are one of Aaron's favorite animals.  How can a girl resist a man that loves western wear and meerkats?  

This group of photos are from a hike I went on while at the camp.  Idyllwild is a beautiful place.  There are trees there that the bark smells like bubblegum!  I'm not making this up, you want to lick the tree trunks.    

One last photo, this is from the beach we lived two blocks from in Long Beach, California.  This is were our first apartment was, it was wonderful living so close to the beach.  Even if it was a nasty trash infested polluted stinky beach.  :)  That's Long Beach for you!  

Hope you enjoyed our little story.   Happy DIYing, chris!