Friday, April 6, 2012

Second Go At Friday Finds

Since it's a holiday weekend, I decided to take a break from my One Year Wedding Anniversary Series.  Well, I'm not Catholic, and I don't do much to celebrate Easter.  We go to my Grandparents' for a family meal on Sunday.  That's it, but I can't pass up an excuse to make a mess dying some hard boiled eggs, and then put on a cute dress and eat yummy sweet things.  I enjoyed posting my Friday Finds last week, and I love seeing what Elycia and Kaylah are finding each week.  Maybe this is an addition that will stick.  :)  Though, I hate to feel like a copy-cat!  I'll just have to get over that, cause I'm delighted with this new acquisition.  

I found these lovely eggs on Boulder Locavore via craftgawker.  I love the idea of using natural kitchen ingredients to dye my easter eggs.  Thrifty and convenient, this is a DIY with my name written all over it! 

Dino Eggs!  I'm a huge fan of dinosaurs.  This egg dying tutorial is pretty similar to how you already dye your Easter eggs, with one simple extra step to get the dino effect.  You don't need any special materials or skills to get these awesome results!  Our Best Bites has a never ending supply of great ideas, they are definitely on my BlogLovin' list.  

Here is a tasty treat for the holiday from Lemon Basil.  Is it just me, or do you associate carrot cake with Easter too?  Aaron doesn't like carrot cake, so I probably wont be making these, as tasty as they look.  

I love this dress from Ruche!  If I was a church goer, I would love to be sporting this lovely number on Sunday.  I'm sure the compliments would keep rolling in.  :)

This hair piece would be the perfect accessory to go with the Come Sail Away Print dress above.  Plus I already own these!  I treated myself to them for our wedding.  I know I could make these, but I like supporting other talented independent crafters like Handle & Spout.  

Have a great weekend, and Happy Good Friday and DIYing, chris!