Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doggies & Mushrooms

 These photos are from last weekend.  We took Moose for a walk at one of the local State Parks.  He was extra excited about the car ride, and completely mad for the walk.  He's a wild man!  By the time we got half way through, he was running between shady spots.  At one point he just plopped himself down.  Silly dog.  

I should take actually outfit photos of this get-up.  Ha!  Did I just say get-up?  Anyway, I love the top.  It used to be my mom's when she was in her 20's.  It has cute delicate sleeves, with the sweetest little flower cutouts with embroidery all over it.  So feminine, and genuinely from the late 70's.  I don't wear it that much, because I don't like washing it.  It's mostly white, and I'm clumsy.  I try to take good care of it, because i'd  like to keep it forever.  :)  

I love mushrooms!  I love to eat them, photograph them, and I REALLY want to try growing them!  I'd love to try some of those ultra cool heirloom varieties, like oyster mushrooms, or shiitake.  I'd start out with one of those handy mushroom grow kits (click on the links).  Until I try my hand at that, I'll be satisfied with photographing them.  The bottom two photos are the same pair of mushrooms, and I found them in our front yard.  They were right next to our car parked on the street. I had to lay in the middle of the road to take them, but I didn't care.  I think I might have gotten poison ivy/sumac when I photographed the one in the state park.  Or Moose got it on me when he rubs is paws on my legs.  

I never had any poison ivy reactions until the last couple years.  I'm totally disappointed in that changing about me as I get older.  Poison ivy reactions are absolutely no fun.  Besides the horrible iciness, they leave terrible ugly rashes for days or weeks on end.  The grossest part ... the rashes leak.  Ick!  Now that I've grossed you all out, I'm going to go get dinner ready.  Happy DIYing, chris.