Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Headband -- Target
Sunglasses --  Bodega in L.A., California
Cardigan --  Target 
Tank Top  -- ModCloth
Mini Skirt  -- Target
Bracelet  -- Target
Shoes  -- Blowfish

A simple Spring outfit, for hanging out in the sun.  I'm digging the bodycon mini skirts, that are so popular this season.   They make everyone's bottoms look amazing!  I bought a basic black, so it would go with all my tops.  I always like to have some color in an outfit, and yellow just screams spring.  Today I went with a headband, some sunnies, a bracelet, and my favorite flats.  I've never owned a pair of "dressy" shoes so incredible comfortable.  The insides of the shoes are super soft, and bright green!  I like how with this outfit they tone down the sexiness of the skirt, but when I wear them with some skinny jeans I look fancier than with my usual sneakers.  

It's been super warm here, humid, and threatening thunderstorms daily.  There are tons of bugs flying about, and baby birds yapping.  There's an owl that hoots every evening, while we are walking Moose.  He's my favorite.  Yesterday while we were walking Moose, he dove into a bush, and Aaron realized he was biting at a garter snake!  I know they aren't poisonous, but that gave us a good fright.  We're lucky he didn't lose an eye! :)  We'll I'm hungry, and it's almost dinner time.  Then we have to walk Moose, and I need to finish preparing my dessert for tomorrow.  Man, oh man, do I enjoy cooking desserts!  hehe, happy DIYing, chris.