Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Growing Garlic and Onion

This is my favorite gardening book.  

Don't Throw It, Grow It!, it has great tutorials with the cutest drawings on how to grow great things from your table scraps.

I posted previously on growing ginger, and this time I'm trying to grow onion and garlic in pebbles.

I used a tupperware container, and I rinsed some river rocks I bought at a garden center.
Rocks look awesome when they're wet.  I thought about painting the outside of the tupperware containers, but I then I decided seeing the pebbles would be pretty, and watching the roots grow around them (hopefully) will be rewarding.
 After washing the pebbles I filled my container 2/3 of the way.
Then I placed my onion on top, and filled with small rocks around the sides, leaving 1/3 of the onion visible.
To finish, I filled the container with water, to the top of the rocks.
This is what my indoor garden looks like currently.  From left to right I have an orchid plant, a gerbera daisy, the garlic and onion, and then a small collection of cacti.
I followed the same directions for the garlic as the onion.  I hope they grow big and strong in there.  If this works well, maybe I wont have to buy garlic again!  At the very least I could have a pretty display.

Hope ya'll enjoyed, happy DIYing, chris! 


Rebekah said...

Did u actually manage to grow onions & garlic from those or did they just flower? I'm looking to try to start an indoor garden of sorts as my Landlord won't let me do anything outside

Unknown said...

What kind of scraps did you use to plant the garlic and onion? I mean, did you use a whole onion to plant a new one, or just the tail? And the garlic?