Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy May 5th!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I had to work this morning, two communion groups & individuals all before noon!  Whew-wee!  Those things are hard work, so it got me thinking about relaxing, and having a lil' Mexican inspired celebration.  Not that salsa and tequila have all that much to do with Mexican heritage, freedom, or the the Battle of Puebla where they defeated the powerful French army.  But I suppose they have more to do with May-he-co than my go to alcohol - whisky, or my go to snack - cheese.  I always enjoy make (and eating!) themed food.

I love green salsa, but since this was my first attempt I was afraid to only make the verde kind.  Plus who doesn't like regular tomato salsa?  

This recipe is called Tomatillo Salsa Verde.  I have been a little out of my head lately, and I just realized I never read the directions.  Apparently, I was supposed to roast or boil the tomatillos, opps!  Oh well, it still tasted good.  

This recipe is called Fresh Tomato Salsa.  Both recipes I found on SimplyRecipes.  When I'm looking for a specific recipe I google image search the name of the dish, and pick the best photo that has a recipe with it.  I use a similar technique when buying cookbooks, because if there is any book you should judge by it's cover it's definitely a cookbook.  :) Besides Joy of Cooking, if a cookbook doesn't  have great photos to accompany the recipes, then I wont be buying it.  

The verde salsa had the perfect amount of heat for me.  I recently went to an authentic taqueria, ya know, authentic in the way that the menu is in spanish, they also rent DVDs and CDs, and I get funny looks for pronouncing carnitas wrong.  When the lovely lady was bagging my food, she stopped to ask if I wanted salsa, and I could tell she definitely did not expect me to pick the green kind.  It usually has a little more kick to it than regular salsa, but the spiciness is lighter than hot salsa.  I love dribbling it over some melty enchiladas.  

AND I spent the rest of my day hanging out with our new ... DOGGIE!!! YAY!  We inherited him from my Great Aunt.  I never knew her all that well, but my Grandad had reconnected with her in recent years, and back in December her health turned for the worst.  She's been in the hospital since, and it doesn't look like she'll be coming home.  Before her health declined she had asked my Grandfather, when the time came to find her pup a good home.  It's a sad circumstance to become a dog owner, but we were happy to give the little guy a home, and keep him out of the shelter.  Plus isn't he just so darn cute!?!

He came with the name Scooch, but that's not really our style.  His new name is Moose.  Mostly because he makes crazy noises when he gets excited especially on walks.  Kind of like a goose really, but we didn't think Goose would make a good dog name.  It mostly makes me think of goosing someone, thus that name was decidedly not a winner.  Though moose rolls right off my tongue, and we can call him Moosie.  Plus it's obvious that I like naming my pets after other animals (ie. our recently passed cat's name was Cricket, ya know the bug, and bugs are animals right? awe, I miss crick, she was a sweet kitty ... )  

Anywho, hope ya'll are having a great weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!  

P.S.  See I told you I haven't been with it lately, I totally forgot it was saturday, thus missing Saturday Blogger Love.  Ut-oh, how about tomorrow?  Silly me ...