Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pen & Marker Storage

A couple weekends ago Aaron and I actual had time off that coincided with each other, and we were able to go thrifting.  Since we're saving for a house, and we want to buy some large piece once we move, we didn't buy much.

I did buy this great wooden glass bottle crate.  It used to be a Chaser liquor shipping container.  Someone painted over it with silver spray paint at some point, and the antique store I found it at had tons!  A whole walk-in closet brimming to the rafters (it was in the attic)!  This little gem was only twelve bucks, and I think it's perfect as is.

Except for this one lil' crack down the middle.  I want it to house my markers and pens, and they'll just fall right through that hole.  

I filled the hole with cardboard, and glued some scrapbook paper down on the inside.  On the bottom I used a piece of black gaff tape to keep the cardboard in.  i'm sure I could have used a jigsaw to cut a piece of wood to fit, but I had all these materials, and no wood or jigsaw for that matter.  man, I'd like a jigsaw!

This is what my marker and pen storage looked like before.

This is what it looks like now.  I'll be able to grab what I need ten times faster now!  So pleased with this purchase, and it will last me a long time.  Looks like I need some more fancy pens in fun colors.  I love buying home office supplies.  The beginning of the school year was always my favorite, because I loved going into Staples or Office Depot and touching all the fun new products.  I could fill a house with home office supplies, from pens to staplers, to notepads and erasers, scissors and rulers, and so many more goodies.  

Hope ya'll are having a great week, and happy DIYing, chris!