Sunday, June 17, 2012

Barefoot Days

Happy Father's Day!  I always make Aaron pose for a pic before we trade spots, so this photo is for Aaron's doodah, Happy Father's Day, David!!!  We love you, and miss you bunches and bunches!!

Now for my outfit.  I did some light gardening, and then hung out at my grandparent's.  It was overcast most of today, which made for perfect spring weather.  Not hot and humid, or cold and rainy.  This outfit is great for a relaxing day outdoors.  

Top -- hand-me-down from my mom
Tank Top -- H & M
Capri Jeans -- Kohl's
Shoes -- Dirty Laundry with DIY pizzazz
Bracelet -- made by me

This top was my mother's when she was a bit younger than I am now!  I love the girlie sleeves, and the embroidered eyelets.  I don't own any white tops, but I cherish every fiber in this shirt.  It's too thin not to be worn with a top under it, and I like to wear this super bright pink, or any bright color really.  This outfit is a perfect spring look for me.  I could wear variations of this everyday.  I'm not big on open toed shoes, but it is necessary to wear a light weight shoe and sock in the summer.  Honestly, I'd rather just be barefoot all day.  My pup thinks anytime I put on shoes means we are going for a walk.  Wouldn't it be nice to lead a barefoot life?  

I know I haven't been good at posting any DIY tutorials this month, but I did make this awesome bracelet recently.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out, so I forgot to take any step by step photos, so I'll have to make another one to share with ya'll how I did it.  I'm really proud of how this turned out.  I didn't follow any instructions off of someone's blog, or a tutorial from a book.  I made this up all on my own.  :)  I want to make more in different colors.  Maybe add some beads.  Experiment with different clasps.  All sorts of ideas for this new technique I made up.  

Hope ya'll had a lovely weekend, and happy DIYing, chris.


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