Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bright Patterns Make Me Happy

More photos from Bennington, Vermont.  This is the outfit I wore on Friday for the graduation ceremony.  Well, really just Peter Dinklage's speech.  

This is a new dress I got at Target recently.  I was having a rough few days, and I decided to do some retail therapy.  This dress did just the trick.  

I didn't think I liked this photo at first, but I like this in-between moment Aaron caught.   

I love the angle of this photo.  I think I look thinner and taller.  I'm making a funny face, but everything else is so lovely I couldn't leave this one out.  Aaron took this photo standing at his normal height.  He must tower over me all the time.  I always seem to forget he's a foot taller than me, and things must look different from up there.  Hehe.  

Uh-oh, my hair kind of looks grey on top.  Maybe it's just the way the light is hitting my head ...  I don't dye my hair, so it's not like my roots are growing out, and showing under hair dye.  I always forget to take photos of the back of my outfits.  I thought this back was worth remembering.  :)

For this photo Aaron stood like a sumo wrestler, with his knees fully bent, and his feet spread wide apart.  It was easy to smile.  

I love the colors and pattern of this dress.  This is my first maxi dress, and this one makes me feel so pretty.  I want to go buy more.  The material is luxurious, and makes me want to lounge around all day.   I guess I was hesitant to jump on this trend, because I was worried a long flowy skirt could label me a hippie, which for some reason is a label I've always resisted.  I guess I've always been adverse to labels though.  Anyway, back to the dress, the colors and pattern on this dress are anything but hippie, perfect for outdoor events in the spring/summer.  :)  

Dress -- Target
Cardigan -- H&M
Sandals -- DSW by Mix No. 6
Sunglasses -- Target or H&M

Hope ya'll are having a great week so far, and happy DIYing, chris.