Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun Friday Fascinations #10

My first fascinating find for you this friday is for my ladies, and it will get you in a good mood, no matter what time of the month.  It's kind of humorous that 95% of the bloggers I follow are female, but I hardly ever see anyone writing about periods.  Not that I have any room to point fingers, I'm just as guilty.  We all deal with them, but we've been so conditioned to think they are gross, and something we shouldn't discuss in public, little less  ::gasp::  on the internet.  Gala Darling wrote this tremendously humorous article on The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Period Suck Less!  Great tips for making you feel better inside and out during that special time of the month.  

Gala's wonderful article lead me to this fun pair of quirky period panties from Harebrained.  Haha!  What a fun idea!  

I'm really loving this pair of wedges from ModCloth.  Those droplet cutouts and buckles are darling.  One of these days, I'll actually buy something I put on this list!  

I use to make sock monsters, but for some reason I stopped.  This sweater monster looks like just the DIY to get me back into it.  :)  Now I need to 'borrow' a sweater from Aaron ... 

Chevrons and reclaimed wood, what could be better?  Love this planter box DIY.  Oh! you could use it store magazines, or kids toys, or yarn in it!  

I've been thinking about buying some light bulb kits to make some funky lamps.  This tutorial from Poppytalk is just the inspiration I need.  

I have a dresser that I bought from a second hand store, and it's a fun 50s art deco style, but the natural wood color just doesn't suit me.  I Create With Love's green dresser makes me want to experiment with refinishing my thrifty furniture find.  

Well those are my finds for this friday, hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!  Happy DIYing, chris!