Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Friday Fascinations #9

Yay, for Fridays!  Hope you're having a good one.  Here are my Fun Friday Fascinations for this week, they are mostly DIY oriented.  I realize there has been a serious lack of DIYing on here lately.  I have a ton of things going on right now, and sometimes it's more fun to photograph my everyday life things, rather than some DIY I've been slowly piecing together.  Maybe these lovely DIY inspired finds will get me in the DIY tutorial making mind frame.  Enjoy!

Since I did away with Saturday Blogger Love, I'll start off this week's finds with some great ideas from a few of the blogs I check out on a regular basis.  My first find is a Honey Nutmeg Cinnamon Facial Mask from my absolute favorite blog Delightfully Tacky.  Elizabeth has an amazing blog, the design is simple and beautiful, and she seems like a beautiful person inside and out.  Her posts are well written, and chocked full of beautiful photographs.  This particular DIY mask I'm crazy about.  We all have physical features we are insecure about, and my biggest problem area is my skin.  I'm 27, and they keep telling me I'll grow out of this acne thing, but I'm pretty sure this is a life long battle.  I can't wait to try this tasty sounding facial mask.  I know honey is good for your skin, and surely cinnamon and nutmeg will at least leave my skin feeling tingly fresh.  

Another pair of bloggers I'm a huge fan of Kaylah over on The Dainty Squid posted a group of super lovely photos of her and Elycia together from Love Elycia.  I love everything these ladies wear, but in this particular post Kaylah opened up my world to something I've been missing out on.  Awesome animal brooches meant for holding glasses!  What!  I totally need one of these.  I hate sticking my sunglasses between my boobs, and when I put them on top of my head they fall off.  So, I hit google up, and found a bunch of awesome ones, but I think I like this unicorn the most.  I don't have enough unicorns in my life.  

I'm new to the popular blog bleubird.  I kept finding myself back on James' blog through other blogs or pinterest, and so I finally decided to commit and make it a regular pit stop, and boy am I glad I did.  She has a lovely blog, and I love her photographs and way of life.  She recently posted about this book The Home Creamery, and tried making her own butter with her family.  One of Aaron and my dream goals is to own enough land to have some goats, maybe a cow, and to make cheese, and fancy butters.  This book looks like an awesome resource, or at the very least creamy inspiration.  :)  

Now on with my regular finds about the internets.  I love tutorials for making simple things we use around the house.  I bet this homemade brown sugar would be so tasty and fresh, rather than the bag of brown sugar I buy that lasts for months and months.  

Shrinky Dink is back!  In a major way, I'm seeing it everywhere.  This shrinky dink necklace tutorial is way classer than the shrinky dink from my youth.  I love the seahorse and color, definitely want to give this a try ASAP!  

No this fancy folding chair is not from Anthropology.  Prudent Baby made this love painted cushion for her outdoor chairs.  I love the pattern, and use of colors.   Perfect for summer.  

Speaking of the outdoors, let's have a backyard party, and play twister!  Fantastic idea from You + Me.  

So glad summer is here.  I need a healthy dosage of sunshine.    Enjoy your weekend, and happy DIYing, chris.