Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Personalized Gift Wrap

Here is a super simple DIY.  This is how I wrapped my baptism gift for my niece a week ago.  

I dyed some nylon rope, back when I dip dyed my hammerhead t-shirt.  I wanted to try out this heart knot on some material I had around the house, and this was what I came up with.  In the tutorial I followed, the lady used two different colored hoodie strings, which looked a lot nicer than this, but this is what I had around.  I still like the outcome, though.  I want to try it on sturdier rope, and a better color.  

I made my wrapping paper by cutting a cross out of a small potato.  You could cut out any simple shape from the potato, and use this technique for any holiday.  

I used the potato, and white paint to stamp the cross randomly on some craft paper.   It dried super quick, and I was able to wrap my gift, a personalized treasure box.  

The potato stamping technique is awfully useful.  Great for when you need a stamp in a pinch.  Especially if it's a stamp you wouldn't feel necessary to be a part of your regular used stamp collection.  Hope ya'll found this useful too.  Happy DIYing, chris.