Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Garden Pickin's

I'm exhausted!  Aaron and I woke up early, and got some stuff at Lowe's before he had to go to jury duty.  Then I headed over to our house, and started working on scraping the floors.  My hands are so sore, and there is only a three foot by four foot section done.  I got another section scrapped, but we still need to go over it, and get the super icky sticky bits that don't come up with the large scrapper.  While I was scrapping I would occasionally take a break and scrub the kitchen.  Every inch of the house is covered in nasty grime.  I made up a solution of washing soda, bleach and warm water to cut through the ick.  It worked really well, but some spots, like around the stove needed something more powerful.  I sprayed those areas down with goof off, and let it soak for a bit before rubbing the dirt away.  It's looking better, but I still need to do a TON of scrubbing.  I don't have any photos to show of the house today though.  

Instead I have some photos of my first tomato harvest.  The first heirloom tomatoes that were ripe were our riesentraube tomatoes.  It's historically a German  heirloom that was commonly found in Philadelphia during the mid-1800's.  It has massive yields of flavorful cherry tomatoes.  

This is a black cherry tomato with a blue jay feather I found on our deck.  

This is the last bit of healthy lettuce I was able to pick.  I love all the varieties we tried out this year.  I want to figure out how to grow some lettuce through out the winter months.  

I love the colors in this variety.  So pretty.  

Hope you enjoyed, and happy DIYing, chris.