Thursday, July 5, 2012

Iced Coffee

For today's thirsty thursday I am straying from the alcoholic path, and making an Iced Coffee.  Even before I became a coffee drink I liked a creamy cold coffee in the summer time.  It's a fun drink in the middle of a hot afternoon.  

Typically I make iced coffee with the coffee that has been leftover in the pot from the morning.  I usually add a little sugar and creamer to a cup, pour in the leftover coffee, stir, and then carefully add a few ice cubes.  Today I tried a new technique.  

I made coffee creamer ice cubes.  I began by making a strong pot of fresh coffee.  I grabbed an ice cube tray, and poured a little creamer into a couple.  Once the coffee was prepared I poured that into the whole ice cube tray.  I stuck the tray in the freezer for about four hours.  

When the ice cubes where solid, I spooned a bit of sugar into a glass cup.  Then I dropped three coffee creamer ice cubes into the cup, and poured the remaining coffee over the ice cubes, stirred, and tried not to guzzle my sugary drink down in two seconds.  So yummy!  I'm going to go enjoy my sugar high.  Have a lovely thursday, and happy DIYing, chris!