Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Braided Crown

This is my 2012 Summer Do: The Braided Crown.  It's beyond simple, and yet it looks complicated and stylish.  Definitely the cutest hot day hair-do.  

It's easiest to do this hair style when my hair is wet.  I begin by parting my hair down the center.

Then split the halves in half, and braid.  No fancy french braids, or anything special but a three strand straight forward braid.  Try to get as close to the end as possible, without leaving a long tail, and use a small rubber band to hold in place.  

Flop the back braid from the left over your head, and secure in place with bobby pins.  Do the same with the back braid from the right.  Repeat with the front braids.  

All done, cute as heck, and ready for a busy hot day!  All these photos were taken at the end of my work day, and it held up great.  Especially since I have a  fairly active job.  I'm a school photographer, and right now we're gearing up for the fall season, and training new hires.  Which means lots of setting up and breaking down our giant photo sets repeatedly.  We hire about twenty people every fall, and in about four days they need to learn how to set up about fourteen different things in under an hour.  It's a busy week, but it's a fun way to begin the season.  It keeps the job fresh and new, which makes it hard to get bored with it.  

I'd like to read a little.  My good friend is letting me borrow Game of Thrones, and I'm definitely getting into it.  I wish I had more hours in the day to read.  I also need to do some more laundry.  Have a great night, and happy DIYing, chris!