Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bun Love.

Buns are the perfect daytime hair-do.  Especially when it's hot, and your busy lifting heavy things, and moving around a lot.  It's easy to make a bun look cute too.  Simply add a cute hair clip, like a bow-tie barrette.  Sometimes it's fun to tuck the hair clip up under your bun, for a fun surprise when you turn around.  

I especially like to wear buns during the day, because after a long day, and I'm ready to let my hair down my hair looks awesome, when I shake it out.  I love how full and wavy my hair is after wearing a bun all day.  

If I were to wear my hair down all day it would be super straight, and slightly greasy looking by this time of day.  

If I wore it in a plain ponytail I'd have a big crease in my hair.  A bun is the only way to go, when it comes to keeping cool with long hair.  Hope you're having a good Wednesday, and happy DIYing, chris!