Thursday, August 23, 2012

End of Summer Drink

- 1 shot of white rum
- 1/4 cup pineapple juice
- 5 fresh mint leaves
- apple juice

Pour the rum and pineapple juice into a glass.  Smash the mint leaves into the bottom of the glass.  Fill the glass with ice, and pour apple juice over the ice.  Stir and enjoy.  

This drink is a great summery drink, and the rum is barely noticeable, so I bet this would be terrific without the rum too.  I love a good drink mix that can double for people who drink, and those who don't.  Though I suppose it could be dangerous with kids around.  They might think mommy's drink is the same, and get a bit loopy.  Anyway great drink, and I love how it looks like a summer ale.  The mint adds a nice subtle hint of freshness.  

Today was our kick-off luncheon for the fall season at work.  Which means from here on until the holidays I'll be busy busy busy.  Aaron and I are going on a little date night out to a local brewery restaurant.  It's over in Downington, Pennsylvania, called Victory Brewery.  We've never been, but Aaron enjoys their beers, and I've heard good things from a couple I work with.  We are excited to check it out!  Hope ya'll have some fun weekend plans, and happy DIYing, chris!