Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Friday Fascinations #17

Happy Friday!  Hope ya'll are having a great day!  I was so productive at the house with Aaron today.  We almost finished completely priming the walls in the living room.  I just need to do the edging from the waist down.  Which includes sweeping, mopping, and taping the edges of the floor.  Aaron is going to prime the ceiling.  Then a second coat, and we can move on to the color!  Yay!  Now on to my Fun Friday Fascinations!  

#1. Beautiful portrait Scarlett Shaney took of her mum and shared on Flickr.  Part of her series called The Body & The Landscape.  For me this photo is evocative of dark internal torment.  That feeling of being lost and giving up on all hope.  Her shoulder blades and dirty hands are so expressive.  

#2.  This is an awesome wall design.  Amazing use of different shades of black and geometric shapes.  I want some rats on one of my walls!  

#3.  Another amazing wall paint job, this one by P.S. I Made This.  I know I could paint an ombré wall fo' sure! 

#4.  This morning I was thinking a leather jacket would be a great addition to my jacket collection for the fall.  Then after dinner I was looking on Free People, and I found this amazing leather bomber jacket.  Drool worthy.  I want to rub my fingers over the soft leather, and fill my nostrils with a deep inhalation of that rich leather smell.  

#5.  This pair of pink studded canvas sneakers would be great with the leather jacket.  The perfect mix of hard and edgy with light and girlie.  This pair of sneaks would be super easy to make with a pair of cheap white sneaks, pink dye, and studs.  

#6.  I'm torn though, because the leather jacket would also look amazing with this pair of ankle booties.  If I wasn't so frugal I could so spend all my money at Free People.  

Hope ya'll enjoyed, and happy DIYing, chris!