Saturday, August 18, 2012

This Is Me #11

Today I am going to try something a little different with This Is Me.  I'm going to use outfit photos with my five tid-bits about me.  

1.  Stitching together eloquent words that form a cohesive sentence, that fill you with emotional wonder, is not my forté.  

shirt -- H&M + DIY
tank top -- Target
shorts -- Target
shoes -- DSW Dirty Laundry + DIY
bracelet --  DIY

2.  I almost failed spelling in fourth grade.  I had a special teacher that I sat with in an empty room who helped me during spelling tests.

3.  I'm good at remembering names and faces.  If I forget someone's name I really give myself a ration of poo for letting it go.


4.  My most popular date spot with Aaron is Ikea.  We usually leave with a stuffed animal in hand, and our bellies full of swedish meatballs. 

5.   We used to have two pet rats. Rink-rat and Shanks.  Now we have two stuffed rats to commemorate them.  Of course not real rats.  We aren't in to taxidermy.  

Hope ya'll enjoyed, and happy DIYing, chris!