Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Packing up the Craft Supplies

No DIY today because I am packing up my craft gear.  We are getting closer to our move date.  Not that we have a firm date, but at this point it's useful to take over a few boxes any time we go over to our house.  Don't tell anyone, but I love packing.  I find it cathartic to go through my belongings, and organize them into groups for boxing up.  Throwing away broken or useless things, and donating items that have gone unused for long periods of time.  It's a feat to figure out how to get as much use out of all the space in the boxes with lots of oddly shaped stuff.  Whenever I pack up my crafts I always have a handful of super random odds and ends.

I always seem to find colorful rocks and man made stones and marbles amongst my things.  I certainly didn't have any DIYs planned with these, but I was happy to see them.  The little gold nugget I've had since I was a really little.  As a kid I thought it was genuine gold.  

I don't play guitar, but for some reason I have two picks, and those little origami swans my uncle made years and years ago.  

I've been collecting nuts and washers.  I want to make some jewelry with them.  

Keys always beg me to save them.   I'm surprised I don't have piles of them.  

A lot of times when I make paper items I make a few more than I need.  

Do you remember The Raisinettes?  I found this guy hanging out near my craft stuff.  For no particularly good reason.  

Now everything is safely stowed away.  After I took this photo I managed to fit a few more things in there, and closed it up.  

That's what I've been up to!  Happy DIYing, chris