Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vermont Tourist

So Aaron and I played Vermont tourist yesterday morning before jumping feet first into the pre-wedding shenanigans.  They couldn't have picked a better weekend for a Vermont wedding.  The foliage is really going off this weekend.  Here's Aaron at a scenic overlook, with a classic Vermont background.  

A lovely farm just down the road from the photo of Aaron.  

Our first stop The Cabot Creamery.  We love love love cheese, and it was about time I got to see where one of my favorite cheeses is made.  I love Cabot's vintage cheeses, and at the end of the $2 tour we got to sample a plethora of amazing cheeses, spreads, and even a lovely honey mustard dip.  Of course we had to buy a few small blocks of cheese, and we both loved the honey mustard so we bought a jar of that as well.   Wish the sky had been blue, not the greatest photo.  

Our next stop Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!  I love how the pink sign I'm standing next to matches the bush next to it.  Or at least it matches for today, until the leaves change color again.  

Orange is my favorite color in the fall.  Doesn't Aaron look cute posing on the stairs for me?  

Sad day for someone and their ice cream cone.  At least it wasn't mine! :)  

As you can see from this photo it got a bit stormy, and I stopped taking photos.  So glad I got these fall foliage photos before we got to our tourist locations, or else I wouldn't have been able to take any.  Looks like it might be rainy the rest of the weekend.  Hope it clears up for the wedding today!

Have a lovely weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!