Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day Dreaming

Including drive time I worked over 12 hours today.  Then with eating, and sleeping, and showering, and of course a little relaxing I was left with no time for the blog today.  So instead I watched some tv and made a list of what I wish I was doing instead.  Once we are moved in, and things settle down with work I will find some time for these things.  

I have so much reading to catch up on, and if only I could catch up on my sleep.  My hands and feet are aching for some professional attention.  I'd just like to sleep in, and not have anything I need to get done.  Laze around and work on crafting, and do some yoga, maybe even meditate.  The light is barely a pip squeak at the end of the tunnel, but it's there, and soon enough I will be able to relax and get more than a full nights rest.   

Have a lovely night, and happy DIYing, chris!