Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY Tombstone Decor Part III

One last update on how the Halloween tombstones are going.  Ok, that's a little lie.  The last one until I have them up outside my house, and looking awesome.  I finally got a stencil complete, and I spray painted one of the tombstones!  I started off by taping down the stencil, and some extra paper around the edges so there wouldn't be any overspray.  

Then using blue painters tape I traced, and cut out the inside pieces for the As and Rs.  

I carefully placed the little pieces inside the letters using the point of my razor knife.

Finally I was ready to spray paint.  I used white paint by Valspar.  

There was a little overspray around the letters, so I helped define the edges by going over the letters with white nail polish.  I did the last two words, 'at last' with a coat of nail polish.  

This is how the final product looks.  I'm pretty pleased.  I think the overspray under the nail polish helps make the letters look a bit aged, so it doesn't look quite like a brand new headstone.  

That's all for today, happy DIYing, chris!