Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Organizing my Free Time

With Stormy Sandy giving me some much needed down time I focus my energy on organizing my craft room.  If you remember I shared this photo, from when we first moved in. 

 It proceeded to have more and more boxes jammed into any open space, and became a complete disaster zone.  With this time off I got a chance to move the furniture and open some boxes.  Now it's starting to look like a real room.  

I even primed the shelf and rod for the closet.  

Got two coats on it, and now it's in the closet and ready to be used!  I can't wait until everything we have finds a place to be stored.  

I was so thankful to be able to organize my craft room with the time off from Sandy, and that we didn't get much damage from the storm either.  I hope anyone who had Sandy knocking on their door didn't receive too much damage, but were instead able to enjoy some relaxing down time.  Happy DIYing, chris!