Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sphagnum Surprise

This weekend we got to work on the house again.  No picture of the house, but we are so close to moving in now.  The only thing that I think is desirable to have done before we move in is fix the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom.  On saturday we replaced the patch of flooring in the bedroom that needed to get done.  Most of the wood was ready to be put in, but we had to trim a couple pieces. My granddad and mom did most of that.  They started last weekend while I was away.  The only thing I did was sink the nails with a punch.  I didn't even drive them in.  My granddad predrilled holes, and drove all the nails in.  Finally, I cleaned the wood with some mineral spirits, and then stained the wood to match the old wood.  We also painted the first coat of color on the walls a super light peach.  

Today we sanded the floor, vacuumed, and cleaned with mineral spirits.  Painted a second coat of paint on the walls in the bedroom.  I painted some of the trim we saved from the living room and dining room.  I also managed to figure out where all the pieces came from too.  

We've also been packing a lot, and bring over boxes with every trip.  I managed to unpack most of our things for the kitchen.  It was extra nice to unpack the kitchen stuff, because some of it is brand new out-of-the-box.  Things we got for our wedding, but haven't been able to open yet.  There are also some things from when Aaron and I lived in an apartment in Long Beach, California.  It's been over four and a half years since I've seen some of that stuff.  We have a TON of flatware.  

Anyway while packing I found this nice little surprise.  Awhile ago I made up a sphagnum moss bag to try to get a avocado seed started, but I read it was nearly impossible to do, because a lot of avocado seeds produced today are non-producers.  Well I didn't have any luck, and threw the seed away, after waiting months for any signs of growth.  Today while packing I came across the sphagnum bag.  

I found a potato had sprouted.  I completely forgot I threw this half of a potato in this thing.  What a nice surprise.  To bad I've already packed all of my containers for plants away.  Not sure this is such a good time of year to start a potato.  For now I'll keep him in the sphagnum bag, and hope mold doesn't move in.  

Did your weekend bring any pleasant surprises?  Happy DIYing, chris!