Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giant Candle Make-over

I have this giant candle my lovely husband got from work, Pier1 awhile ago.  It's cool because it's giant, and he got it for extra cheap, which giant candles never are, but otherwise it doesn't have any pizzazz.  It's this weird nondescript color and strange texture, so it just sits there calling no attention to it's self.  

So today I came up with a lovely solution.  I Mod Podged some orange yarn to the bottom of the candle.  It was super easy.  Getting started was the hardest part, and then it only took about five minutes to complete whole thing, including clean up.  I began by painting Mod Podge along the bottom in a thin line, and immediately applying the yarn.  I did the first two rows of yarn in small stretches, with the candle on it's side, rolling it as I moved along.  Once I got the first two rows done I stood the candle up and painted about an inch of the candle with Mod Podge, and quickly applied the yarn.  Then I repeated once more with another inch of Mod Podge.  Once I covered all the glue with yarn, and had reached the desired height I snipped the yarn, and painted the end down with Mod Podge.  

I love how great this looks.  The orange yarn really complements the nondescript color perfectly, and makes this candle awesome.  Plus it's totally dressed for Thanksgiving day now too.  :)  Yay!  Happy DIYing, chris!