Thursday, November 1, 2012

John Collins

Today I wanted to try another whiskey cocktail, and I found a recipe for a John Collins.  Closely related to the Tom Collins but with whiskey instead of gin.  

- 1 1/2 shots of whiskey
- 1 shot of simple syrup
- the juice of half a small lemon
- club soda
- tangerine wedge

In a glass pour in the whiskey, syrup, and squeeze in the lemon juice.  Drop a few ice cubes in, and pour the club soda in.  Top with an orange wedge or tangerine, because those are in seasonish.  I squeezed a little orange juice in there too for an extra citrus note.

Stir and enjoy.  Great flavor.  Not sure if it would be more fitting as a spring/summer drink, but it works as a summer into fall transition drink fo' sure.  Though it's been cold the past few days, so I guess fall is in full effect, and I'll have to start thinking about winter!  Well have a good night, and enjoy your Thirsty Thursday, chris.