Sunday, November 11, 2012

Old and New Friends Coming Together

Aaron and I were pretty lazy today.  We had to soak in our full day off together.  It's been a while since we both had a day off together, and especially a day off that we didn't have to get anything done.  Most of our Sundays off together are usually filled with food shopping, hanging out at the laundromat, and scavenging thrift stores and antiques stores.  All we did today was pick up some vents and a pair of door hinges at Lowe's, but we didn't install anything.  Partially because when we got home we discovered that the vents don't fit over our ducks.  We picked up some mail and winter accoutrements from my parent's house, and dropped off a disk of photos at my brother's house.  Then we came home hung out with some of our stuffed animals and watched TV.  The Grover Aaron has own since his childhood, and he recently bought the cow from his one of his places of employment, Pier1.  We're big on stuffed animals at this house.  I'm glad my husband enjoys them as much as I do.  

We also made an amazing Chicken Nacho dish, which I'll share the recipe for tomorrow night.  We devoured it! 

Hope ya'll had a great weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!