Sunday, November 25, 2012

Red Christmas Beads

Everyone is getting their Christmas decorations up today, and so I thought I'd join the fun.  I have a white paper lantern hanging in my living room, and to get in the holiday spirit I added some cheap red beads.  All you need for this simple DIY is a white paper lantern, and about 20 feet of red beads.  Start off by looping the end around the metal cross bar at the top of the lantern, and twisting it around on it's self to hold it in place.  

Then run the beads down the length of the lantern, and loop over the bottom cross bar.  

From there run the beads up the length, and drop them down through the center.  Repeat until the lantern is even covered.  If there is excess just loop it around the bottom bar.  

Now my lantern looks Christmas ready.  Happy DIYing, chris!