Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Magazine Christmas Tree Make-over

Last year I saw Martha Stewart make this awesome magazine tree, and she had covered her tree in gold glitter.  I'm not much of a gold glitter person, so I just let it be bare.  I thought it looked pretty cool as is, but this year I wanted to give it a bit of a make-over.  

I used flat primer spray paint, and this green spray paint, plus green glitter.  I wanted to use a clear top coat, that I thought I had, but I don't.  

I placed the tree on a large drop cloth, and started with the white layer, then I sprayed on the green.  I quickly sprinkled on the green glitter while the paint was still wet.  I used rubber gloves to lean the paper tree from side to side to sprinkle the glitter on.  

This is how it looks sitting on my window sill.  I think it's even cuter now.  

I want to make this with smaller books, so that I have some trees of different heights.  I have to find an extra thick small catalogue or magazine.  Hope ya'll enjoyed, and happy DIYing, chris!