Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pink and Teal Nails

Today I painted my nails.  Below are the polishes I used.  From left to right Ulta's Encore Pink, Funky Fingers' Wild Child, Urban Outfitter's Cupcake, and Orly's Won't Chip.  

I used two coats of Urban Outfitter's pink.  Then I used the green painter's tape to mask off my nails, and painted on two coats of the Funky Fingers in teal.  After I removed the tape I let the teal dry, and then used a paperclip to add the small polka dots in Ulta's light pink.  Once the dots dried I painted on a couple coats of Orly's Won't Chip.  

I really like the Cupcake pink and the Wild Child teal together.  Maybe a bit too Spring time themed for the dead of winter, but I guess I've been inspired by all these warm days we've been having.  I pretty much only own colors traditionally associated with Spring.  I can't get enough pastels, and bright pops of pink and green.  Well that's all for today, happy DIYing, chris!