Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recycle Day

Tomorrow is recycle morning for my neighborhood.  They only happen every other week, and as an avid recycler things pile up.  Well two weeks ago they didn't pick up ours for some reason.  They got other people's cans, but not ours.  So we decided we need a recycle sign for our can.  I found this sign online, and printed out two on some orange cardstock paper.  

Then since it would be outdoors I slipped them into large ziplock baggies.  Folded the zipper underneath, and taped it down.  I taped both signs to my trash can.  Hopefully it will work, and they will recycle our load.  We can't handle another two weeks of recyclables.  

Sorry that's all for today, but you can also use this for packages too.  When I use USPS to mail packages from home, I stick the printable label in a ziplock baggie so the barcode and addresses wont get messed up by rain.  It seems to work well, I've never had a package returned! Happy DIYing, chris!