Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Strange Cat Toys

Our kitty Winter is the first young cat I've ever owned.  Well really she's the second cat I've ever owned.  I always had dogs growing up, and being a fairly new cat owner I'm constantly excited by the new toys our girl has found.  We have real cat toys, like one of those cute mini stuffed animals that you put catnip in, and a furry pink tail on a stick, but she's always more interested in unusual things.  Like these two strange things.  I'm not sure what that black cylindrical thing is, but Winnie discovered it when I was cleaning out a drawer the other day, and has been playing with it ever since.  Then of course milk jug lids, what kitty doesn't love those?  According to the internet, some furry friends like them so much they EAT them!  

A few days ago when I was painting my nails I discovered I had stashed some small bells, and a black shoe lace in my nail polish bag.  I simply stuck the bells on the end of the shoe lace, and now I have a new cat toy.  Winter loves this toy too.  She likes to jump up in the air and catch the bells between her paws.  

These are her favorite toys, and my favorite to watch her play with.  The little plastic turkey she will carry in her mouth, and she could knock that guy around the whole house.  The little strand of red beads she'll pick up with her mouth and toss into the air.  She's an adorable kitty.  

Have a lovely day, chris!