Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Mailbox

The mailbox that came with our house has been in desperate need of replacement, but I couldn't decide what sort I wanted.  The old mailbox let rain in, and I was constantly taking out soggy mail.  It also was mounted too high for me, so I couldn't tell if I got all the mail out with out blindly digging around, or standing on my tippy toes.  It was pretty ghetto looking.

Today we finally replaced it!  We used the template that came with the mailbox to drill into the brick with the proper masonry bit.  Then we screwed in the screws, and hung the mailbox on them.  

We bought the second least expensive mailbox.  I like that it's all black, with no gold or chrome accents.  Though now we are left with an exposed rectangle of brick.  I think we might buy a welcome sign or make something with our house number on it to cover the patch for now.  Our neighbors have expressed to us that they are not fond of the yellow paint on our home's brick exterior.  I like the bright color, but they have a point.  It doesn't blend with the other houses in the neighborhood.  I'm not sure what I want to do with the color of our house yet.  Plus that seems like a job meant for the spring or summer.  So a welcome sign would be a necessary quick fix for now.  

I'm so happy we wont have wet mail anymore!  Bring on rainy season!  Happy DIYing, chris!