Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gettin' Funky

If you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed I was on a music kick last night.  I let myself fall down the You Tube rabbit hole.  It's so easy to waste a few hours watching the endless supply of videos You Tube recommends based on your video watching history.  Though I find it's a great way to find new (to me) music.  I'm not much for listening to the radio.  Mostly because I don't totally dig the music they generally play.  So like I said yesterday I let myself fall down the rabbit hole, and today I'm going to share my top five favorite finds yesterday.  

San Cisco - Wild Things

Oh Land - White Nights

Angus & Julia Stone - Your The One That I Want // Live Acoustic

Pearl and the Beard - The Lament of Coronado Brown 

Lucius - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert  --- I love the Tiny Desk Concerts.  I've found a lot of bands on that show.  NPR is the one radio station I do listen to, and I'm a giant fan.  

Hope ya'll enjoyed my music picks.  If you like this music, and have any suggestions for me I'd love to hear them!  Don't hesitate to leave a comment.  I'll take a gander at all suggestions!  Have a great weekend, chris!