Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Storage and A Plant Stand

We've been keeping our hats and gloves in a plastic milk crate.  

I've been wondering what I will do with them when the season is over, and then the answer came to me.  We received a large tin full of popcorn for Christmas from Aaron's parents.  After we consumed all of the yummy snacks inside I gave it a good scrub down with some hot water and dish soap.  Dried it off, and filled it with our winter hats and gloves.

I debated painting the inside, but then I worried about the items inside stinking of paint forever after.  I also considered glueing some fabric in there, but I didn't want to deal with piecing it all together, and then waiting for the glue to dry.  

We have this plant that Aaron won at an auction.  It came with a chunky, rather unattractive, wooden stand.  Right now it has the plant a bit too close to the light.  

Now the plant can happily sit on the milk crate!  In the summer I'll spray paint it a fun color.  That will have to wait though, because I'm tired of my house smelling like spray paint.  It's too cold to do outside, and usually to wet.  

Here is the flower on the plant.  A Bird of Paradise Flower.  I was so surprised when I saw this flower had bloomed.  We were certain we were not providing this plant with a proper living situation.  Seeing the flower was certainly shocking, and I'm happy to see the  plant is doing well.  

Hope ya'll are having a great week, and happy DIYing, chris!