Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting Things Done Outfit

Today was productive.  I got my oil changed, and new rear tires for my car.  Aaron and I compared prices on microwaves, and bought some halloween candy.  I unpacked some boxes in the craft room while Aaron was at work.  Cooked a tasty chicken, potato, and pea dinner.  Washed a ton of dishes.  I'd love to say the sink is empty, but that isn't so.  There is a giant storm headed this way, and everyone is all riled up.  It's exciting before a storm comes, and the the buzz in the air of everyone in panic mode, trying to prepare themselves.  We'll see what ends up happening!

Trying to stay warm, yet not overdressed or bulky looking this is what I came up with.  Another casual outfit in my favorite jeans.  I love this scarf from Urban Outfitters.  

Jacket -- Target
Top -- Kohl's
Scarf -- Urban Outfitters
Jeans -- Urban Outfitters
Socks -- Kohl's

I added a little side braid on either side of my head before pulling back part of my hair.  It gives a little extra flair to an easy up-do.  A fun casual look for mostly hanging around the house.  Have a great pre-halloween weekend, chris!