Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Nails

We got a ton of laundry done today.  Aaron and I bought a new microwave, and got it plug in ready to go.  We got some food shopping done.  Which was surprisingly not crazy.  I thought the super market would be overrun with people trying to prepare for the impending Stormtober.  They were low on a lot of things, but it was pretty much a regular sunday shopping trip.  We cooked breakfast for dinner, which was awesome.  I love having a big pancake, egg, and sausage dinner.  Then Aaron left for work, and I decided to paint my nails.  I was thinking Halloween, but I don't have any black nail polish, so I couldn't do any traditional themed halloween dos.  

I have a couple oranges, and I thought some greens would work nicely with the oranges for Halloween.  I also used my silver crackle nail polish over the green nail polishes.  For the spooky face I used a black sharpie to draw it on my nail once the orange had completely dried.  It smeared a bit when I painted on the clear top coat, but I think that kind of added to the creepiness.  Not the best manicure I've ever given myself, but it's fun for the upcoming holiday.  Though I'm worried that it will get rained out.  That would be so sad for Halloween to get cancelled due to lame weather.  

Hope things don't get too windy or wet here, and good luck and stay safe to anyone who will be encountering Hurricane Sandy over the next few days.  If you don't here from me, it's because I lost internet.  Happy DIYing, chris!